Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you

Top o' the mornin' to you! I'm not a bit of Irish but my husband is and his family celebrates it big time. It's fun to be married into a big Irish Catholic family! :) Today he received an email about "You know you're Irish if..."

You have a sister/cousin/aunt named Mary, Catherine, or Eileen. Check!
You have at least one aunt or uncle who is a nun or priest. Check!
You spent a lot of your childhood on your knees in prayer. Check!
You know someone named Murphy, Mac, or Sully. Check!
You have a cousin who is a cop, funeral parlor owner or politician. Check!
Someone in your family is very generous. And it's probably you. Check!
Two family members are not talking to each other. They're not fighting, they're just not talking to each other. Check!

There were many more but it was pretty funny.

Anyway, onto today's card.

The stamps I used were Luck of the Irish (PTI) and the background stamp is from Waltzingmouse Stamps but I don't recall the name. Something like Irish Blessings or Celtic Sayings. The background stamp was a bit of a bugger to get all those images lined up so it doesn't look perfect, but rather "homemade". ;)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy a green beer tonight! It's on me. ;)


Anika said...

Great card Jennifer! I love those strips of patterned paper and I think you did a great job lining up that background image! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Gayatri said...

Simple, Clean and Crisp! Love your card! Happy St' Patrick's Day!

Diane Jaquay said...

This is a wonderful card! Love the stamped background, and the strips of paper under focal image, everything goes together so well!

Jennifer Carter said...

I like how you incorporated the patterned paper into this card! It's a fun layout!

Taheerah said...

Great card Jennifer! The background almost looks like a tapestry - I think it's even better that it doesn't line up perfectly, looks more authentic. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Love this card too. Love that you chose black as a color instead of the traditional green. Nice job!

Dana said...

I think your background looks awesome. I like the "alternative" nature of it, and how it's NOT perfect. More visually appealing IMHO!

Sherry said...

Great card!! Love the patterned strips!

Sara Mac said...

So cute Jennifer! I really like the pop of color with the polka dot paper.

Laurie said...

This is such a fun card! Love the details!

sillyleann said...

This card is super cute! I love the color combo - nice touch with the orange.