Sunday, August 22, 2010

A tour of my craft room

Craft room
I showed you my Best Scrapbook Shelf in this post I did the other day but I thought I'd show you the rest of my craft room. One of the rooms in our basement is mostly finished and it has our "office" and the craft room in it. The kids have their craft space in here as well.

Let's start on the left. You can see my sewing machine and notions drawers. The notions drawers are from an antique sewing machine. I love to combine the old with the new throughout my home!

{B} Punch drawer

Let's take a look in the cabinets along the wall, shall we? DH and I were shopping in Home Depot one day and these cabinets were in the middle of the floor at a deep discount. We just couldn't pass it up. They work beautifully in the space. In the top drawer is my punches. There's not too many there, is there? ;)

The next drawer down is my extra adhesives and those that I use less frequently. My most used adhesives are in the MM carousel on my table. Also in this drawer are my envelopes, and glassine and cello bags.

In the bottom drawer are things I reach for less frequently...crimper, heat gun, label maker, glue gun, kids' crafts, mini albums etc.

The opening in this next cabinet was supposed to be for a microwave. But here it works great to hold my drawers of pictures. I did Stacy Julian's class a few years ago (Library of Memories) on organizing pictures to better scrapbook them. The premise is to store your pictures by "Things you do", "Places you go", "People you love", and "All about us". This system works really well for me and how I scrapbook. In this space you can also see my binders "B" and "M" that hold memorabilia for my kids, and some other pockets holding ongoing scrapbook projects. Sigh. Someday I'll get these done. On top of my photo drawers is a bunch of page protectors held together by rings. In each page protector is a sheet of letter stickers.

In the bottom drawer is my Big Shot and all my dies, nestabilities, impression plates, and embossing folders. I love that the drawers in these cabinets are so deep for these sorts of things.

{G} Antique drawer holding stamps, ribbons, and special cards.

Hanging on the wall above my cabinets is my antique drawer turned on its side. It holds my wood stamps and PTI ribbon. My Papertrey Ink stamps are in the red leather box you can just barely see on the bottom left of the picture. You can see my new way of storing my PTI sets here.

Sitting on the counter top is three trifle bowls that I purchased at Target. One bowl holds small ribbon bits. Another bowl holds flowers. And the third bowl holds buttons. Ideally, these bowls would be on a shelf but I've yet to find one that I like and that DH will agree to hang. We're at a bit of an impasse right now. lol Also sitting on the counter is this multi drawer cabinet I bought at a local farm store and spray painted white. I holds my 3D alphas - chipboard, Heidi Swapp clear, metals etc.

Above my Best Scrapbook Shelf is my Clip It Up by Simply Renee and a Making Memories filing thingy. Both of these items hold misc flat embellishments e.g. stickers, punch out die cuts, rub-ons etc.

To the right of my Best Scrapbook Shelf is my main work area. When I stand here, I can see the TV in the next room or watch the kids play in the rec room. My Genesis trimmer sits to my left on the table. I also have an Ott light that helps me see what I'm doing. You can never have too much light! The Cropper Hopper cubes hold miscellaneous stuff - albums, Cropper Hopper folders/pockets, album refill pages, cork sheets, etc. My PTI paper is sitting in a wooden box on the floor right now. Eventually, I'd like to find a better solutions - perhaps another Cropper Hopper box? I'll have to find something soon because my wooden box isn't going to hold much more. :)

Just a quick shot of my Making Memories tool carousel. I keep my most used tools and supplies here in the carousel right on my desk for easy access: hand punches, scissors, adhesive, bone folder, ruler, Corner Chomper...

A close-up shot of my very full wooden box that holds my PTI cardstock and patterned paper. It also holds a few other 6x6 paper pads.

Just to my left, on top of my Best Scrapbook Shelf, is my pens and pencils, notepads, and a little cheat sheet of sorts that I made to help me remember how my knots will look. Heather Nichols had a little video on her blog several months back and it helped me tremendously so I went ahead and made this so I'd not forget!

Here's just one last shot of my main work area. I try to clean up after every project but that doesn't always happen.

Thanks for coming along on my tour. I love to look at others' craft rooms so thought it only fair that I show mine.


Sue Ann said...

What is your address?? I am on my way to come and play ........ this looks fabulous !!!! I cannot wait to have space!!!

Aimes said...

If I ever cross the pond to the USA then watch out for me!!! I'll be making a beeline to your place because this is like a crafty Heaven!!!! LOL!

Gayatri said...

OK! Can I move into your place? lol! Love how well organised your room is, Jen! You are welcome anytime into my craft room and help me! Love your place.

mamareebs said...

So organized! I love it. I am dreaming of a day I can have my separate space back.

teegee7617 said...

Very nice! I love all the wood. The trifle bowls are great decorative and storage at the same time. The cabinet with those nice deep drawers is a great find!

IamDerby said...

You have an organized and beautiful space!

Melissa said...

I love your space! I really would prefer to work standing up. Love your mix of storage solutions!

Sara Mac said...

Beautiful craft room Jennifer! Love your workspace. My favorite part of the tour was the PTI box sitting on the floor:)

AuroraDawn said...

Such organisation - Crafting heaven!!!

Noora said...

Like another commenter said, crafting heaven!! so so neat! when I grow up I wanna have a craft room like yours..;)

Anika said...

This looks awesome, Jennifer! I can't wait until my space is this organized and put together! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love your work space. It looks very functional with clean lines, love it. TFS.

Laurie said...

Jennifer this is amazing! Looks like alot of fun~

Monica K. said...

Oh my gosh, you have such an amazing craft room, Jennifer!! It must be so much fun to craft there. My crafting space is my dining room table, lol. Maybe one day I'll have such a beautiful crafting space!

Classic Becca said...

This isn't a craft room it's a SHOP!!! Amazing, can't wait to have my own craft room one day, right now my bedroom is my craft room, but I kinda like that...apart from the lack of organisation. That frustrates me :-S

Nice work!

Cindy Holshouser said...

My favorite part of your space is the old drawer on the wall! So darn cute. Isn't the MM carousel the bomb? I so love mine. I put my acrylic blocks in there - big ones in open side slots, and small ones in the drawer underneath.
I bet your kids love working in there too.

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Love it! It's so clean. Mine looks like a dump! I have a lovely room but I'm such a slob.

Shanarun said...

I guess your place is going to be pretty crowded with everyone coming over! I love, love, love the organization. Thanks for sharing your room. :)

Gloria said...

You're is so fun to peep in on other's craft rooms. Thanks for sharing.