Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Big 4-0

Over the last year many of my friends and myself have turned 40. Sigh. I suppose there's only one way to go but it kind of sent me into a funk. I mean, what have I done with my life? What should I start doing? Skydiving? Quit my job? Buy a convertible? Don't laugh - all those things actually ran through my head. I didn't do any of those things, instead I joined a gym to get healthier and to make sure my next 40 years are even better than the first 40. I'm still waiting for my baby fat/skin/lower abdominals/whatever you want to call them to go away. So far, no luck. *another sigh* I'm going to keep working at it but I'm going with the excuse that I had a c-section so those muscles just won't shrink back. If that's not the case, please don't tell me I'm wrong. I'll happily live in denial.

Enough blathering, how about a card. Here is one I sent to my girlfriend, Amanda. She's a September birthday like me. I made the outside of the card all black and dreary...

2011 08 29_4860_edited-1

...but the inside all fun and festive. No use in crying over being 40 - we need to celebrate it!

2011 08 29_4863_edited-1

Onward and upward... :)

Cardstock: Black and white (PTI)
Stamps: Big Birthday Wishes
Other: Labels 4 dies (Spellbinders), numbers dies (PTI)


Anna said...

I to have turned 40 in the past year and unfortunately the next birthday has already creeped up upon me later this month! I love your card! How fun and festive on the inside! Your friend will be so excited! Here is to being 40 and loving it:)

Nadine said...

Im not at the 40 mark yet but will be soon! Your card is fabulous! Love how fun and bright the interior is because you're right it should be a celebration. Yeah to being 40 years wiser!

Stephanie said...

ALL your cards are delightful! I love the concept of this one - make's me want to say 'Taaa Daaaa' when it's opened up in all it's glory :) I had a C-section, I always thought that the reason my 'mummy tummy' won't budge was due to my sweet tooth & lack of exercise but now I know better - thanks for that Jennifer ;) lol xxx p.s. As much as I admire your choices, you should totally get a sports car too :D

Taheerah (*LittleMissT*) said...

Oh wow, what an amazing and refreshing card Jen! Whilst I cannot for the life of me believe you are in the 40-bracket I totally love this idea of a plain front with plenty of celebration on the inside! Fantastic job!

Inkyfingers said...

What a great concept and fun idea for a card. I loved your elephant card too - the eyelashes made me giggle!