Thursday, April 27, 2017

My New Craft Room! :)

Craft room_wide angle of cabinets

WARNING: very photo heavy post!
If you have any questions just post a comment and I'll get back to you. I'll try to include what I know but I'm sure I'll leave something out.

Over the last 10 years since we moved into our house I've moved my craft space from one room to another and I've also changed the layout at least twice and changed my storage containers. However, we have now finished our basement and I have permanent cabinets. Yea! I'm so excited about it and would love to give you a little tour.

So, let's start with the outside of the room. My craft space shares a room with our office in the basement. It is behind these barn doors, which we salvaged from an old house that was being torn down.
Craft room_barn doors

And here's the view peeking in.
Craft room_look inside

I *love* having a fireplace in here. It definitely keeps the chill out, especially on those cold winter days. I still need to get a rug and do a little more decorating around the chaise but I like relaxing here (as do the kids). (The morning sun gets a little bright in here - I love it but it does make for tricky photos).
Craft room_east wall2

Wall color: Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore) @ 25%
Ceiling: Palladian Blue (Benjamin Moore) @ 75%
Flooring: Adura luxury vinyl plank by Mannington in Iron Hill Coal (installed by me!)
Cabinets: IKEA Sektion, Haggeby style
Counter: a steal of a deal from Lowe's. It's laminate but I don't know what color it is. It is a mottled light gray.
Fireplace: Continental from Menard's
Chaise: Home Goods
Rug: Albina Triange Mosaic from RugsUSA
Banners: the one with the larger pennants against the wall was made by me; the one with the smaller pennants draping across the whole room was purchased from the Whatever Craft House.

I have three Alex cabinets in the middle on the bottom and then regular cabinets surrounding those. The small drawers work so well for craft supplies and they are also a little easier on the wallet (win, win!).

Here's what I have in each cabinet or drawer. I'll save the detailed storage and organization for another post but this will give you a general idea of what's in each drawer.
Craft room_whats in the drawers text

Craft room_Alex drawers text

Pantry unit on the left:
Craft room_L pantry upper
Craft room_L pantry lower

Upper cabinet on the left:
Craft room_L upper

Lower cabinets (the photos will be the drawers as you move top to bottom, left to right):
Inks. My most used ink are in a storage unit (by Organize More) on my desk. The ones in the drawers are used less frequently. The pigment ink is used even less frequently so it's in the back bin. The front bin contains the red/pink/orange/yellow inks and the middle bin contains green/aqua/blue/purple ink.
Craft room_inks

Craft room_adhesives

Envelopes, mailing supplies, finished cards.
Craft room_env_cards

Distress inks.
Craft room_distress inks

Craft mat, acrylic blocks, and Boon Organizer. When I'm working I'll leave the Boon organizer and the blocks on my desktop but I love being able to put them in a drawer when I clean up so I have an empty desk top.
Craft room_Boon and blocks

And then below that is an empty drawer. I'll spare you a photo of an empty drawer. :) Guess I need to buy more goodies to fill it up.

Alex units:
Embossing supplies - heat gun, powders etc.
Craft room_embossing

Misc wood mount stamps, rub-on alphas, reinkers.
Craft room_misc stamps

Watercolors, brushes, Stickles, embossing paste, glitter.
Craft room_watercolors

Craft room_paint

Misc tools.
Craft room_misc tools

Sequins, gems, washi tape, eyelets, brads, misc embellishments.
Craft room_sequins

Felt, tags.
Craft room_felt

Ribbon drawer 1.
Craft room_ribbon

Ribbon drawer 2. I don't think I'll run out of ribbon any time soon...
Craft room_ribbon2

Colored pencils, markers, pens, notepads.
Craft room_pens

Clean up.
Craft room_clean up

Pre-cut card fronts and card bases. I also store those card fronts that I've started but not finished (like I did some watercoloring or ink blending or something).
Craft room_card bases

Leftover die cuts.
Craft room_die cuts

Craft room_punches

Sewing notions.
Craft room_notions

Fabric, yarn, stuffing.
Craft room_fabric

Sewing machine.
Craft room_sewing machine

Junk drawer. Every room has one.
Craft room_junk drawer

Kids' craft supplies. My kids are older now and rarely use this but I haven't thrown it out yet "just in case."
Craft room_kid crafts

Big Shot and other die cut supplies.
Craft room_Big Shot

Upper cabinet on the right has magazines, idea books, and a cardboard storage container that holds some flat scrapbook embellishments.
Craft room_R upper

Pantry unit on the right holds scrapbook supplies and photos.
Craft room_scrapbook stuff

Craft room_photos

Open shelf. I have my MISTI and Score Pal in easy reach. I also found this nifty container at Home Goods and it's perfect to store my Zigs and Copics. I also have lots of colorful knick-knacks up here. You might be wondering what the big "stick" is behind my Score Pal and MISTI and that is a (very) large pencil I found in an antique store years ago.
Craft room_shelf2

One thing I really, really wanted was better lighting. My husband installed this extra thin under cabinet lighting and it's great. It's so hard to work when you don't have proper lighting. I also want to get a different overhead light that is a little snazzier but I haven't found anything that is quite right yet.
Craft room_counter view

WHEW! Are you still with me? What did you think? I love, love, love it. I did a lot (a lot!) of planning and my husband did an awesome job installing it for me.

Thanks so much for stopping in today!


Cheryl said...

This is amazing! Also, I had no idea you could purchase a banner. I love the under-shelf lights, too.

Laurie said...

Amazing!!! I love that everything has a home and that rug?! It's perfect! I love your little retreat decor too! Xoxo

Sue Ann said...

HOLY MOTHER MARY!!!! This is beautiful and perfect!!! LOVE 5 Million times!!!!

Jill said...

Such fun! Seriously, you are one of the neatest crafters and I love it! Your space is so bright and colorful. It looks fantastic and I hope you enjoy it all! :)

Amy Kolling said...

Jennifer.....this is just amazing! I just love every detail of your space and all your organization! This has totally inspired me to get on the ball and get my room finished so I can move from my husbands bar!!! **I recognize so much of your homemade decor :) ♥♥

Leigh Penner said...

This looks amazing, Jennifer! I want to come and craft with you! Where do you sit to craft? At the counter?

Lori Craig said...

JEN! It's so awesome and beautiful! Congratulations! Love the lighting and the white cabinets!

Nadine Perez said...

Wow wow wow! I have serious craft room envy! I love looking at all the pictures and reading your captions. The junk drawer and your Hersheys made me smile. :)

Sonja said...


Jen Shults said...

Wow! This is fantastic! I love how light and airy the room feels and you did a fabulous job planning and organizing! Great job on the floor - it looks awesome!

Dana said...

Jennifer, your space is fabulous! So much goodness going on here! Love the lighting, the space, the coziness of the room in general! ❤️

Jen Carter said...

Love it! It's gorgeous and so organized!!

Kathy Mc said...

WOW, Jennifer, this is gorgeous! You did a fabulous job of sharing details with us, too. Always curious how others store their goodies. Everyone needs sustenance in their craft room. Kudos to you and your hubby on an awesome redesign!

Lisa Petrella said...

Wowzers, Jennifer!!! Your new studio is gorgeous!!! I love all of the white with the pops of color---super happy and fun! And so neat and tidy and well-organized!!!

Lynn said...

I've come back to this a few times and I am in love! Getting my new space organized and being inspired by all your gorgeousness here! Which we lived minutes from each other so I could come play at your house and vice versa.

JanetB said...

Thank you for all your great photos and good ideas. I love your new space and think I need to start planning my craft room and organization. Well done!!

Olga Fink said...

Gorgeous craftroom! so inspiring! Do you like to stand when you are crafting? I need to sit when I am coloring or else I am stressing... Lol
xoxo olga

Tracey McNeely said...

I thought I had commented on this before but alas I didn't. I come back to this post because I love checking out your amazing space my friend. Hope you are still loving it!!